Bucket List New Zealand, South Island

When I was first beginning to plan my trip. I searched over countless blog post for things to do and places to see. It took sometime, but I was able to compile a pretty large bucket list. Many things I saw, others I didn’t. Here, I have created a bucket list with my top bucket list picks.

1. Marvel the Views of the Cook Strait

Cook Strait Ferry Ride, New Zealand

The views grasp you and makes the three hour ride fly by.  Be aware, if you are driving, make sure to grab everything you need from your car before you head up. The doors to the car level lock once everyone is on board.

2. Stay at New Zealand’s, Purakauni Campsite

Purakauni Campsite, New ZealandI found this place out of pure luck. I was looking on a map for a campsite and I saw this place. It was quite the surprise when I came around the last corner to discover this.

3. Visit Cathedral Cave

Cathedral Cave, The Catlins, New Zealand

This is a must do while you are in the Catlins. For $5 it was totally worth it. Just note, it is only open during low tide. As well if the water is to rough it won’t open at all.  So make sure you visit an I-site to check out the open times.

4. Frolic in the Endless Lupin Fields of Tekapo

Bucket List - Lupin Fields, Lake Tekapo New Zealand

When I arrived in Lake Tekapo, I went mad taking photos of the flowers. I couldn’t get enough, they were just so photogenic. I came to late in the season that there were no snow-capped mountains, but the Lupins fields definitley made up for it.

5. Star-gaze from Mt. John Observatory 

If you are willing to hike the 1 hour up to the Observatroy (since road access closes at night, unless you have a tour) it is truly  spectacular.

Bucket List - Star Gazing Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Be warned, bring many layers. The wind is insane and it gets very very cold. If you don’t feel like taking the hike or paying for the $100 tour, you can still star-gaze by the lake.

6. Walk up the Guinness World Records Steepest Neighbourhood Street

I had no idea about this road until someone told me about it while I was at the Catlins. I am glad I saw it.

Bucket List - Baldwin St Dunedin, New Zealand
Baldwin Street, Dunedin

The photo may not show it, but it was steep. I even drove up it in my beater car. I thought at one point  my car would fail and wouldn’t make it. Not to worry, I made it. If you do plan to drive up it, be prepared to either take a hard right or left at the top.

7. Stop at Tunnel Beach

Tunnel Beach, New Zealand

Tunnel Beach was more of a touristy spot, but still beautiful. Apparently it belonged to a young girl of a wealthy family, whom wanted to have her own private beach. That is exactly what she got.

8. Head to Slope Point and stand on the most Southern Tip of New Zealand

Bucket List - Most Southern Tip, South Island, New Zealand

This is another I recommend adding to your bucket list. It was probably the highlight of my road trip in this area. I find it  completely intriguing that this was as South as you could go before reaching Antartica.

9. Snap a photo of the Moeraki Boulders

Bucket List - Moreaki Boulders, New Zealand

The Moeraki Boulders were interesting.  It was fascinating to imagine how they were created and how long it took. Definitely a bucket lister.

10. Visit one of the most Photographed Waterfalls in the World

Purakaunui Falls, The Catlins New Zealand

Purakaunui Falls. It’s one of the most photographed waterfalls for a reason.

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