10 Budget Friendly Things to do New Zealand, South Island

New Zealand is a spectacular travel destination and should not be missed. However, New Zealand being so far away from the rest of the world, makes things costly. Don’t let that be a barrier, there are many budget friendly things to do around New Zealand.

1. Have lunch at Mueller Hut

Mueller Hut, Mt.Cook New Zealand

This is a popular hike in the Mt. Cook region. It’s a gruelling 4 hours up, but it has magnificent glacier views. Many people hike to the hut as a day hike. Once at the hut you can take break and east some lunch here before heading back down. Of course to stay over night you have to book in advance and it will cost $35NZ.

2. Watch the Sun Rise from the Red Tarns

Bucket List - Sun Rise at Red Tarns, Mt. Cook New Zealand
Veiw From the Red Tarns

. The only thing that will that will be spent up there is time.

3. See a Glacier before they are gone

Stand upon Brewster Glacier, New Zealand
Posing on Brewster Glacier

These thousand-year old glaciers are melting. Once they are gone, they are gone. It’s already so sad to see how much they have receded in the past ten years.

4. Snap a photo in the Raptor Jaws

Hooker Valley Track, New Zealand
Rapter Jaws at the end of the Hooker Valley Track

At the end of Hooker Valley Track, near Hooker Lake, we found this beauty. Terrify if the stone every collapsed while you’re in it, but makes for a hilarious photo. How creative can you get? Send me your photos, I would love to see!!

5. Skip Rocks on Lake Pukaki

Budget Friendly Thing to do. Skipping Rockson Lake Pukaki,New Zealand

This divine blue lake is something to be enjoyed. Not to mention skipping rocks is free.

6. Dodge the Great Walks

Great Walk - Routeburn Track, New Zealand

The Great Walks are beautiful, yet crowded and quite expensive. If you are set on doing a Great Walk, staying in a tent instead of a hut will help you not break the bank. However, there are many other tracks that you can do that are just as beautiful at a fraction of the cost.

7. Grab a Freak from Balls and Bangles

Chocolate Freak from Orb, Queenstown

Okay, this may not be very budget friendly. But between two people can make a fabulosu treat.  Plus the picture should say it all.

8. Check out the Blue Pools by Brewster Glacier

Budget Adventure - Brewster Glacier, New Zealand

Forget the giant crowds and expensive hut of the Tongoriro Crossing. Here you get to see giant blue lakes and a glacier for less than $15.

9. Feed Bread to the eels of the Nelson Lakes

Black Eels, Nelson Lakes New Zealand
Yes, those are eels

It was difficult to get a good image from above the water, but its pretty unreal to see these guys swimming peacefully about.

10. Snap a photo of Pancake Rocks

Pancake Rock, New Zealand

At not cost to enter, these were quite the marvel. I do warn you, good luck finding parking.

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