5 Must See Breathtaking Sights

“For a moment, it’s the captivating beauty of Machu Picchu that is leaving you breathless, not a lack of oxygen”

During my short 6 years of adventuring, I have had the privilege of seeing some unreal sights. From jaw dropping landscapes, to unfathomable sunsets. There is (almost) nothing  more humbling than being able experience such beauty. I hope you can too.

Here are my Top 5 most favourite sights. I hope you can enjoy them as much as I did.

1. Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park, Utah, USA
Lookout before our last rappel out of Behunin Canyon

During my first solo trip to Hawaii, I had met a hiking group. They had gone to Hawaii to hike the Kalalau Trail, among many others. I was lucky enough to join them on  a few.

Ever since meeting them I had to opportunity to adventure all over the USA. From the Grand Tetons, Cascades, Yellowstone, Olympic National Park, to my favourite, Zion.

Zion National Park, Utah, USA, Sights
Me sitting on the lookout, while on my way to Hidden Canyon

When I first met the hiking group, all they talked about was this place called, “Zion”. I thought to myself, “Big whoop, it’s just a place with a bunch of red rocks. What could be so great about it?”

Jump ahead a year later, and I was driving though Zion in absolute awe. I had never seen anything like it. No wonder everyone went on about it.

Zion National Park, Utah, USA Sights
Can you see the people??

The sheer magnitude of the place was breathtaking. The canyon walls are so high you have to crane your neck back to see the top. The cars are mere specs, if that, driving through this huge red rock abyss. I couldn’t believe a place like this existed, let alone could I drive there.

2. Canyon In Southern Iceland

Canyon, Iceland, Sights

This place was insane. I am not sure the name for this canyon. however, it is worth taking a look. Only a 10 minute walk up from the Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool, there is this incredible green canyon.

Canyon, Iceland

I basically stumpled upon it. I had initially come to swim in the pool, but it was so busy, there was no way I was swimming. Instead I decied to explore, hopefully it would die down. There was a path that I saw, that led up behind the swimming hut. I followed it. Ten minutes late I stumbled upon the canyon. It was a grand site that left me speechless. I coulnd’t believe no one else was there. No on elese walked ten minutes off the beaten path. They all missed out, that’s for sure.

Canyon, Iceland

I spent the whole afternoon there, just gazing at it. It was silent apart from the gulls flying overhead and the crashing sounds of hundreds of waterfalls. It was peaceful. I could have stayed longer, but there were a few other things I wanted to do.

3. Panorama Ridge

Panorama Ridge Look out to Garibaldi Lake, Sights
Panorama Ridge Look out to Garibaldi Lake

This one is a stunner. It’s one of the most popular hikes in the Vancouver area, and for good reason. From Panorama Ridge you get a spectacular view of Garibaldi Lake. A glacier lake in the Garibaldi National Park.

I was able to snap a few photos before the clouds came in and blocked the view for the remainder of the day.

View of Garibaldi Lake, sights
View of Garibaldi Lake

Want to know more you can read my post Three Days at Garibaldi Lake.

4. Sunset atop Mt Taranaki

Mt Taranaki Sunset, New Zealand

It was the most beautiful sunset I had even seen. It was pure luck that were able to see it. Mt. Taranaki is generally covered in cloud most of the year. My boyfriend and I consider ourselves lucky that the cloud cover passed over and we got to see one performance of a sunset.

Mt Taranaki Sunset, New Zealand Sights

The swirling cloud formations against an array of colours seemed  fictional. I was so mesmerized by it all, I almost didn’t realize my fingers were freezing.

5. Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu, Peru Sights

Even though it’s not first on my list, it was the first most spectacular sight I had ever seen. I’ll never forget that moment, winded and tired from the lack of oxygen walking up the stairs,  we reach the lookout and the ruins come into site. For a moment, it’s the captivating beauty of Machu Picchu that is leaving you breathless, not a lack of oxygen.

Machu Picchu, Peru Sights

It was this trip to Machu Picchu that was what had inspired to me to become adventure traveller.

I am sure in the years to come I will see many other wonderful sites. For now this these are My Top Five.


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